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Experienced Eviction Attorney at reasonable rates, let us resolve your trouble tenants.

Landlord tenant disputes can be challenging, drawn-out, and difficult to resolve even when the lease agreement clearly spells out the legal course of action. If you are a landlord having any type of dispute with your tenant, including an eviction dispute, you need the services of a lawyer. Attorney Richard Cahan has five years of experience with eviction law, and can represent you in any landlord tenant dispute, including eviction. Learn how Attorney Cahan can help you by scheduling your free consultation today.

Practice Area

The Law Office of Richard Cahan provides all matter of landlord tenant legal services throughout the state of Texas, including eviction services. The firm aims to help clients finalize unresolved issues, release stress, and sleep better at night through prompt legal resolution to outstanding tenant matters, including eviction. Attorney Cahan welcomes any client in need of services.

Austin Eviction Lawyer Richard Cahan offers reasonably-priced legal services including a $750 eviction package that covers complete eviction defense or prosecution in court. Note that some terms do apply, and bulk discounts are available. The firm welcomes anyone in Texas who is in need of a lawyer for eviction matters.

How an Austin Eviction Lawyer Can Help

If you are a landlord, having a troublesome tenant can keep you up at night worrying about your property.  Landlord tenant relationships can often be rocky, and when a relationship sours, it’s a good idea to have a trusted attorney who can communicate on your behalf to the other side, ensuring that your voice is represented.

In times of high stress, an experienced eviction lawyer can help set your mind at ease by explaining the next steps in your case and providing aggressive, thorough representation in court. When facing an eviction or preparing to evict a tenant, you don’t need to go it alone in court. If you try to represent yourself, you may not have the outcome you want. Attorney Cahan can help you represent your case in the best possible light and offer comprehensive legal insights toward actions you can take before your case goes to trial to ensure the best possible outcome.

Attorney Cahan is happy to speak with any new client about the facts of the case during an initial consultation. To learn more about how the attorney can help with your specific case, call 888-512-2381 to schedule your consultation today.