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Legal Services and Advice for Landlords and Tenants

Many real estate lawyers only cater to landlords. Richard Cahan chooses to represent ‘people’ in his law practice — irrespective of their position in the landlord/tenant relationship. We love the law and the peace and tranquility the law brings to our culture and community when evenly applied.

LANDLORDS & OWNERS — Quickly & Efficiently Remove Problem Tenants

What Are You Waiting For? — It’s Your Property!

If you need of eviction services, lease review/drafting, legal advice or services involving landlord-tenant or real estate law matters, call the Law Office of Richard Cahan. We provide skilled and experienced legal services efficiently and affordable. If you are contemplating an eviction, every day you procrastinate is costing you money. Hire us and your messy issues become our issues to solve quickly and affordably. We’ll get you back in possession of your property as soon as possible.

TENANTS — Knowledge is Power

For a reasonable fee – you can receive top-shelf legal advice regarding all of your landlord-tenant issues including (but not limited to) your lease, desire to break your lease, maintenance issues, habitability, safety concerns, mold, noise, violence, intimidation, retaliation, disputes with the owner or owner’s authorized management, notices received, eviction, or whatever other issues are troubling you.

During your confidential phone consultation, you are welcomed to share your story and ask all your questions. In return, you will receive legal and practical advice about your situation from a skilled and experienced real estate and eviction attorney. “Knowledge is Power.”

We will make every effort to schedule your phone consultation for the same day. If Attorney Cahan is in court or unavailable, we will schedule the consultation for the following day.

To schedule now – please call (512) 829-6100. The office staffer who takes your call will ask you a few questions to determine if your situation would benefit from a phone consultation with attorney Richard Cahan. 

After you have paid the consultation fee (credit and debit cards welcome), your phone consultation will be scheduled for a ‘time window’ that makes sense for both you and attorney Cahan.

If there are multiple ‘legal tenants,’ (i.e. legal adults 18+ who signed lease agreement) you are welcome to get the other tenant(s) to join the phone consultation. This will ensure clarity in your household, as you will not need to review –from memory– what transpired during this important call later with your spouse, partner or co-tenant(s).

Richard Cahan

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*Most Consultations Free Of Charge